U40 Program

Rotary serves to provide a culture in which professionals of all different backgrounds can convene to foster leadership qualities, professional skills enhancement, communication networks and most importantly construct a blueprint for altruistic development of the surrounding community and world at large. Currently, the Rotary Club of Portland has a dedicated membership actively serving and looking ahead to ensure the torch will be passed onward.  With that purpose in mind, the U40 or “under 40” program has been developed to induct an annual class of new candidates desiring to emerge as leaders and become lasting Rotarians.

The Rotary Club of Portland U40 program seeks to recruit 10 to 12 new members each year that will be brought in together as one class.

Are you or do you know someone who:

  • Is interested in building camaraderie and a long-term commitment to Rotary?
  • Is an established or emerging professional in their respective industry who is under the age of 40?
  • Demonstrates innovative qualities and a passion for philanthropic involvement?
  • Is an up and comer or potential successor to the current CEO, president, etc. in their organization?

The U40 program will provide a unique opportunity to fast-track their initiation into the Rotary Club of Portland by:

  • Offering a ten-month leadership program that will engage participants with community leaders, giving them upfront access to Portland’s movers and shakers (committed leaders include the mayor, Wim Wiewel (former president of PSU), Mark Goodman, and Katie Poppe, owner of Blue Star Donuts).
  • Pairing each U40 member in a one on one mentoring relationship with a current Rotary member who will help guide their Rotary experience in a very focused and interactive style.
  • Requiring a project component giving the U40 class oversight on a community service endeavor internally selected by the class.
  • Advising on Rotary Club of Portland committees to engage, as each U40 member will be co-chair of one of the dozen+ committees in the club


For more information, contact Curtis Shirey, cshirey@wradvisors.com, (503)433-6334


2021 Start Date: July 2021 – Check back for more information