Innovative Business-Focused Retreat for High School Students



For more than 30 years, the Rotary Club of Portland has provided the opportunity for high school students to explore the challenges and opportunities of our free enterprise system and the dynamics of the business world through Enterprise Academy. This innovative weekend retreat allows students to interact with successful business people and to participate in a highly informative and enjoyable team project.


As a business-related service organization, Rotary knows how important it is for high school students to understand our free enterprise system, to be able to examine issues objectively, and to develop ethical business practices. Enterprise Academy helps accomplish all three in a fun, objective setting. Throughout the weekend, students are never told what is “right” or “wrong,” but instead are presented with a variety of critical business decisions that they and their teammates must make. In this way, the students can study a wide variety of issues and call upon the knowledge of participating business experts in forming their own opinions.


Upon arriving at camp, students will jump right in – meeting their advisors, Rotarians, and teams. Each team is assigned a business advisor who will guide them through the business-building process. Saturday is filled with informative speakers and work sessions. Each team will work through simulated business learning modules and use the key concepts to build their own business. Sunday will culminate in group presentations, which will be the final component in the weekend-long competition that evaluates teams’ overall performance. Winning teams will receive noteworthy prizes and enjoy a few moments in the limelight.


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