Rotary Youth Leadership Awards to Recognize Young Leaders




 The purpose of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is to recognize young leaders in our community and provide them with an opportunity to expand their perceptions and ideals. RYLA participants gain knowledge about themselves and learn to work with others, in order to become a better person and a future leader.

Participants are selected through an essay and application process. Once selected to receive the award, young adults are invited to attend a week-long seminar aimed at further developing their interpersonal and leadership skills.



Rotary Youth Leadership Awards participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Share and explore new ideas
  • Enhance communications skills
  • Collect innovative ideas for successful leadership and business strategies
  • Explore family dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and values
  • Learn about world fellowship, conflict resolution, and environmental issues
  • Learn how to better understand themselves and others


Candidates should:

  • Be 19-28 years old
  • Hold a position of leadership, or display leadership qualities
  • Be interested in expanding leadership opportunities

Keynote Speakers

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is full of stimulating seminars and lectures by top professionals in various fields.

Past speakers include:

  • Bob Farrell of Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlors and Newport Bay Restaurants
  • Junki Yoshida, Founder of Yoshida Sauces
  • Dale Carnegie representatives
  • Chuck Ferguson of Twenty-First Century Leadership

How to Apply

If you’re ready to apply for RYLA, you can download the application from here.

For questions and more information, please Contact Us.