Honoring their legacies through the work we do in our community


Last year, we said goodbye to Jim Rippey and Rusty Rostad. Both Jim and Rusty joined the club in the early 70’s. These men were the definition of what it means to be a Rotarian and our club was lucky to have them as members for so many years.


Jim started one of the first mutual fund companies in the region. He was someone who lived the 4-way test. Throughout his adult life, Jim gave a lot to a number of organizations in Oregon because he knew that having a strong community was important.

He donated to the club year after year and made a significant contribution to our club’s capital project, honoring Rotary’s centennial, which rebuilt the Rotary Village at Camp Collins. One of the cabins there is named in his honor.

Rotarians describe Jim as kind, very humble, generous and exceptionally proud of his Rotary affiliation.

Dick Clark remembers Jim, his mentor, as a quiet leader who always did the right thing. He promoted a good civic duty.


Rusty had a long career in the airline industry. Before traveling by plane was as commonplace as it is today, Rusty spent years encouraging travelers to skip the train or bus and go by plane.

Rusty was generous with his time while a Rotarian. Each and every Tuesday, around 9am, Rusty would arrive at the Rotary office and proclaim, “It’s Tuesday!” with a smile. He’d spend time helping in the office and would call each of his Rotary friends to remind them about the meeting that day and ask if they’d be there.

He helped greet and check in guests at each meeting.

Angelo Carella volunteered with Rusty at the meetings for many years. He remembers Rusty as always being polite, courteous, helpful and dependable. He always went out of his way to make guests feel welcome.


Our Rotary Club received gifts from their estates, each totaling over Three Hundred Thousand Dollars. Now we have the opportunity to honor their lives and legacies for years to come, through the work that we can accomplish in our community, due to their generosity.


Let’s all be reminded that living a life of Service Above Self goes beyond Rotary, beyond this club and beyond our years.