We will be publishing International Month quiz questions each week below and in Spokes. Previous weeks answers can be found at the below. See how well you know the globe!

February 5th

  1. How many State/Countries belong to the UN in 2019? 193 State/Countries belong to the UN in 2019
  2. How many State/ Countries belonged to the UN on its formation in 1945? 51 countries belonged to the UN in 1945
  3. How many State/Country members are on the UN Security Council now? 15 member countries have representation on the UN Security Council
  4. What Countries are permanent members of the Un Security Council? The USA, Russian Federation, China, UK, & France
  5. From which Country does the UN Security Council President come? The Dominican Republic
  6. Currently how many State/Countries do not belong to the UN? 54 States/Countries do not belong to the UN

February 12th

  1. What direction does the Panama Canal Run if entering from the Pacific Ocean? The canal runs NW to the Caribbean
  2. What year did the USA finish building and starting operation of the Panama Canal? 1914, under President Teddy Roosevelt after 10 years of construction.
  3. The French started the canal before the USA in 1880, but they gave up because of cost and loss of 22,000 workers due to infectious disease. What were the 2 most common diseases that killed them? Yellow Fever & Malaria
  4. What was the famous USA military Colonial that made it possible to complete the canal with a dramatic decrease in mortality during the 10-year period from 1904 until the opening of the canal? Colonial William Gorgas
  5. How did we abate the diseases that cost so many French, local and imported worker lives before the USA assumed control? Mosquito abatement was key-through screens & nets, draining standing water, fumigation, and medical care for the workers
  6. Name 3 Public health interventions that increased the life expectancy from age 54 to 79 over the last 100 years. Any 3 of the following:
    • Clean water & sanitation
    • Immunizations
    • Insect Control
    • Control of infectious disease
    • Antibiotics
    • Improved living conditions
    • Improved childhood & maternal care


February 19th

  1. Currently the population of the USA is 325 million. What is the population of:
    • Mexico 325 million
    • Canada 130.5 million
    • Guatemala 36.5 million
    • Honduras 17 million
    • Belize 8.1 million
    • Nicaragua 6.3 million
    • El Salvador 6 million
    • Costa Rica 5 million
    • Panama 4 million
    • Belize 367,000
  2. What is the Capital of Paraguay? Asuncion
  3. What is the main source of income in Paraguay? Agricultural exports, livestock, timber, soybeans, cotton.
  4. Who is our Rotarian that has led our current education program in Paraguay and has been involved with education there since serving in the Peace Corps 17 years ago? John Wight
  5. How many Schools, Teachers, and Students in Paraguay are currently working with the new curriculum improving reading, and understanding stewarded by our own member Rotarian and supported by our club? 64 schools, 300 teachers, 10,000 students
  6. How many lives have already been impacted in Paraguay by this new approach to learning since it’s inception 4 years ago? 25-30 thousand students.


February 26th

  1. Which country or statesuffered a Tsunami in 2004 in which the Rotary was assigned the lead role in placement and assisting volunteer disaster orgaizations to help with the overwhelming tragedy?
    1. Texas
    2. India
    3. Sri Lanka
    4. Switzerland
  2. How many of the world’s population are affected by intestinal parasites?
    1. 150,000
    2. 3.5 million
    3. 2 billion
  3. If serious starvation is affecting a population what organization is the lead organization helping with coordination of disaster response, including food, water, midicine, shelter, and items such as buckets, utensils, soap?
  4. Guatemala has been the recipient of much of our clubs attention and financial aid. Which of the below, has not been a recipient?
    1. Schools and education
    2. Government workers
    3. Transitions: (wheelchairs, orthotics, and prosthetics)
    4. Trade School scholarships
    5. ECHO stoves for villagers
  5. What is the ancient capital of Guatemala?
    1. Guatemala City (Gaute)
    2. Antigua
    3. Chichicastenango
    4. Coatepeque
  6. If stranded on a beautiful tropical island whom would you want to be stranded with:
    1. a plumber
    2. a strong, powerful person
    3. an engineer
    4. an electriction
    5. a tropical cook
    6. all of the above