September 2017- March 2018



I started the Marketing Internship with our club 3 years ago and have been very pleased with the success so far. Kristina Reeves worked closely with Abby Collins to create a media strategy, David Obando spearheaded the “I heart Rotary” campaign including videos and still images, and Sofy Turley-Frederick was instrumental in creating the Rotary International Centennial Book produced this year. What is remarkable, though, is that in addition to this great work, none of our interns left Rotary completely at the end of their internship. Kristina became a RYLA participant and attended a New Generations meeting and a U40 info session because she’s interested in staying involved. David petitioned to extend his internship when it ended and even after the extension ended, he continued as a volunteer until he moved to California. Sofy’s internship ended in January but continued to help us with social media and marketing materials for another couple months after she left. This program is valuable. You all provide such an engaging, educational, and impactful experience that resonates with our students at an important time in their lives.

If you know of someone who would make a good candidate for our next marketing intern, please send them the application. We can’t wait to meet our next future Rotarian.