Hello, Portland Rotary

My time in Sing Buri has been full of excitement, learning, fun, and a very
happy stomach haha. I already feel like a changed person just from being
around these kind people all the time.

I have made so many friends here. I’ve made so many friends at school, it
would be hard not too when I can’t walk from class to class without at least
5 people saying hello, introducing themselfs or asking me questions. At
school I go to mostly every class with the same students but I have art with
a different group and 2 times a week have a Thai language lesson by myself.
Many of the classes I can’t understand so my friends try to explain or I
study Thai. This language is so crazy, for example “kow” means 10 different
things but it depends on the tone! I Malawi started playing football at
school because there is always at least one game going on, it is so fun.
Once a week I go to a small Elementry school outside of town that is also a
temple (most of the Elementry schools here are next to temples) to help
teach English, and I also like to have them use their amazing imaginations
to draw pictures. I have grown very very close to the students here they are
incredibly nice and I usually stay after school for a couple hours and play
football with them in the field.

I changed host family’s about 3 weeks ago It was hard to leave the first one
because first of all the family is so nice, but I am also good friends with
the workers at the shop that they own, they are so funny. In my second Host
family I have 2 siblings living at the house they are both really nice and
always keep a smile on my face. I Also had 2 brothers in my first family.
One of them I still see everyday when I play football at school.

Outside of school and on the weekends I play skateboard. I love having a new
city to explore on my skateboard even though now I’ve basically found all of
the good spots. I skate everyday with a close friend I’ve made that is one
of the only other skateboarders here. He is an amazing friend, it feels like
we’ve been friends for years. I’ve also gave a skateboard I made out if my
old parts to a younger kid who was really excited about when he saw me doing
it. I think sing buri might have a future master of skateboard on thier

Thank You So Much Sincerly, Emile