The State of Socially Responsible Investing and the Drivers of Change

November 6th, 2018
12:00 PM – 1:15 PM

The Sentinel
614 SW 11th Ave, 3rd floor
Portland, OR

This presentation will provide the latest information about the dramatic increase in interest in socially responsible investing (also known as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing). Mike Wallace, a Partner with BrownFlynn, and past Director of the North American Global Reporting Initiative, will discuss the growing interest amongst retail and institutional investors in applying either values or ESG data to their investments in the stock market. He will also discuss the role of investors in pushing companies to improve ESG policies and performance on issues such as climate change, diversity, and human rights.


Mike is responsible for expanding BrownFlynn’s market engagement across North America, developing new and existing strategic partnerships, providing innovative corporate responsibility and sustainability solutions to clients and helping shape the strategic direction of the Firm. Having helped establish and then direct GRI’s North American operations from 2010 to 2014, Mike was instrumental in driving sustainability and reporting across the North American economy.

Mike’s 20+ years of international experience in the sustainability field provides BrownFlynn clients and strategic partners with a global view of the sustainability landscape. Having given expert testimony to the European Commission, U.S. Securities Exchange Commission, Environmental Protection Agency and the General Services Administration, and having presented on the topic of sustainability and reporting at an array of executive level conferences and meetings. Mike worked for ERM US and Australia during the first part of his career. His expertise in the field is highly regarded and valued by a wide range of colleagues and organizations around the world.

Mike enjoys traveling, cycling, skiing, and relaxing at home with his wife, Clair. He has traveled as far south as Tasmania, Australia; as far North as the Isles of Lewis and Harris, Scotland; as remote as the Galapagos Islands; as low as Death Valley; and as high as the Himalayas. He looks forward to continuing his exploration of the world and our field.