Quoth the Raven

February 6th, 2018
12:00 PM – 1:15 PM

The Sentinel
614 SW 11th Ave, 3rd floor
Portland, OR

Close enough to feel the air rushing through muscular wings, photographer Adam Bacher shares his stunning images of ravens in the Pacific Northwest.

Enchanting, revered, and often maligned, ravens are the smartest of birds, with intelligence rivaling that of primates. They have coexisting with humans since the dawn of modern civilization, and their stories are woven in cultural lore throughout the world. With his unique perspective, Bacher uses his photographs as the backdrop to tell these stories and a few of his own.

Concentrating his time in the winter months, during and just after heavy snowfall, his work emphasizes the contrast of the black birds in a white environment. His photographs are deeply engaging. In many of them, direct eye contact reflects the raw connection between photographer and subject.

Preview photographs at: http://conspiracyofravens.com/


I’m Adam Bacher, a commercial and fine art photographer. I work with businesses to create the best images for them to promote, market and sell their goods and services. A professional photographer for over 25 years, my home turf is Portland Oregon. I specialize in location photography, producing images for corporate, editorial, advertising, and architectural clients, and can easily travel to accommodate the location of your choice. Whether the project is small or large, I work with clients as a collaborator and consultant, not just a vendor taking pictures. Strong images telling the right stories are a crucial element for establishing corporate identity and communicating your message to clients and customers.

For the past five years I’ve spent my free time in mountains of the Pacific Northwest working on a personal project photographing Ravens in the wild. It’s not uncommon to begin a day photographing a Fortune 500 CEO, and end the day in a snowstorm photographing ravens soaring among old growth fir trees. These images are deeply engaging. In many of them, direct eye contact reflects the raw connection between photographer and subject. This is the connection I want to resonate with viewers.

Additionally, I take time each year to travel internationally helping non-profit organizations in developing countries. In the past ten years, I’ve traveled regularly to Haiti, Rwanda and Kenya. I believe we can all make a positive impact in the world, and as a photographer and small business owner I’m determined to use to use my experience to help those most in need. I exhibit and speak nationally about this work, offering a message of hope, peace, diversity and cultural sensitivity. These presentations have been enthusiastically received at conferences, corporate gatherings, public schools, and universities.

Commercial website: http://adambacher.com/

Raven website: http://conspiracyofravens.com/