Project 2020: Rotary Youth Center

Youth Treatment, Activities Center & Community Campus for Morrison Child & Family Services


Project 2020

Every day in Portland, we see people on the street in blankets, tents, and doorways, and everyday 1,500-2,000 are youth under the age of 18.  Family poverty, violence, mental and physical illness in families, abandonment, social inequities, unemployment, domestic violence, and sexual abuse are just some of the contributing factors. Foster care alone is not enough to give kids what they need. In fact, we know that forty percent of all Oregon foster care youth are homeless within two years of reaching age 18.  Much of this epidemic is a result of:


  1. Failure of society to provide a safety net and opportunity for youth exposed to trauma and chronic stress.
  2. Unresolved mental health issues as a result the trauma those youth have experienced.


The Solution

The Rotary Club of Portland and Morrison Child and Family Services are partnering to create a facility and campus to proactively address homelessness at its roots. The “Youth Treatment, Activities Center and Community Campus” will be a modern and welcoming facility providing client and community engagement through treatment, training, physical education, recreation, socialization, and related large community group meetings (i.e.:  Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous).

The Facility will be built on Morrison’s property at 11035 NE Sandy Boulevard in Portland, Oregon, where two Adolescent Day Treatment Programs, Breakthrough and Counterpoint, are located.  The youth in these programs currently walk/pace Morrison’s large parking lot, weather permitting, for their daily required physical education. This new Rotary facility will provide a year-round location to gather and exercise in a safe place which will increase the youths’ abilities to thrive in Morrison’s programs and further their treatment work.

When youth are physically engaged, fewer issues of acting out and running away occur. The facility and campus will also give these youth adequate space not just for recreation but also for large treatment group activities, including weekly family nights where everyone can gather together.  In addition, the facility will be accessible to these youth and their specialized foster parents during evenings and weekends, thus extending Morrison’s support beyond the day treatment hours.

Due to the opportunity for field trips to the new facility the impact of the project will extend far beyond the programs located at the Sandy property to Morrison’s 21 other programs serving kids and families struggling with mental health, substance abuse, homelessness and/or housing instability.

How you can help

The Rotary Club of Portland, in partnership with Morrison Child & Family Services, is seeking contributions of support from individuals and businesses interested in making a proactive impact on homelessness in the Portland area.

For more information contact the Rotary Club of Portland:

1220 SW Morrison Street, Suite 425, Portland, OR 97205

(503) 228-1542,


About Morrison Child & Family Services

Established in 1947, Morrison provides effective, responsive services for children and youth coping with adversity and trauma. We deliver specialized prevention and treatment services to over 7,000 children, from birth through age 21, and families coping with significant mental health difficulties, drug and alcohol addiction, abuse, neglect, domestic violence, homelessness, and other major distress factors. Morrison’s services include residential care, day treatment programs, foster care, case management, skills training, along with group, family, and individual counseling.  At Morrison, we help kids and families stay intact. In helping reduce kids and parents living on the streets, we address the treatment needs, lack of resources, and troubling behaviors that typically led them to homelessness in the first place.