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Super Rotary Bell Ringing Happens in our 82nd Year!

Super Rotary Bell Ringing Happens in our 82nd Year!

Super Rotary Bell Ringing Happens in our 82nd Year!


This year’s bell ringing was truly a big success! The weather warmed up, and we had no rain so it was a perfect day! There were lots of people downtown on the streets so we did very well! Many thanks to all of you who helped!

We had 87 bell ringers (35 members, 30 spouses and adult friends, and 22 kids) and five dogs! Last year we had 77 bell ringers! In 90 minutes we raised $21,512.53 which is the sixth largest amount raised by us in the past 20 years! Next week we will have a small event at the Bruce Kerr’s house in Lake Oswego, and it should bring in over $2200 which will move us up to the second largest total Rotary Bell ringing event ever! The energy level was high in the wonderful room at the top of the Hilton where we counted our money, turned it in and then had a wonderful lunch of stew, cornbread and pumpkin pie. Next year I will order some vegetarian stew too! Sorry for the oversight this year! Smiles were on all faces and everyone had so many stories that they wanted to share about the day.

Special thanks to the Hilton Hotel who has been hosting the event for over 40 years!   The Hilton no longer provides us with a free lunch, but one of our Rotary members stepped up this year and paid for the lunch so all of the money raised in the kettles goes to the Salvation Army.

Special thanks to so many people! Jim Parker and family and Jim Fearl and family and their cute Bernese Mountain dog both had their largest pots every! Augustin Enriquez and Cole Mills both filled their pots by hitting their friends in their offices before hitting the streets! Ruth and Kevin Shelly brought their beautiful large dogs and proved that dogs help get more money!

It is never too early to start for next year! We will again be out in force next December 14th, Friday, so save the date! Thanks again to all who helped this year!


Scott Burns and Adam Fyn
Co-chairs of the Bell ringing committee

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