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Stand for Children’s Role in Improving Education in Oregon

Stand for Children’s Role in Improving Education in Oregon

  • Tuesday
    February 20, 2018
    12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
  • The Sentinel
    614 SW 11th Ave, 3rd floor
    Portland, OR

Speaker: Toya Fick

Toya Fick brings a wealth of relevant personal and professional experience to her role as Executive Director of Stand for Children Oregon. Toya began her career as a teacher, first at Prescott Middle School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with Teach for America, and then at KIPP DC AIM Academy in Washington, DC. She also served as Education Policy Advisor to former Senator Hillary Clinton, authoring three education bills, and then worked on education policy with the Alliance for Excellent Education.

After moving to Portland, Toya served as Oregon Health and Science University’s Associate Director of local and federal relations before joining Stand for Children Oregon as the Government Affairs Director.

Toya’s leadership was pivotal in developing Measure 98 from a simple idea into a ballot measure that passed with the support of two-thirds of Oregon’s voters. Her passion in developing the policies enshrined by Measure 98 now drive her commitment to seeing successful rollout for Oregon’s student and our schools.

To that end, Toya changed how Stand for Children does business. She launched the Oregon Center for High School Success (CHSS) to provide cost-free support to school districts across the state as they invest their Measure 98 funds. Educators can turn to CHSS for guidance and best practices to establish or expand the Measure’s three policy tracts: career-technical education (CTE), college readiness and dropout prevention.

As part of that work, CHSS partnered with seven major school districts in Oregon (Reynolds, Centennial, Eugene 4J, Medford, Tigard-Tualatin, St. Helens and Hillsboro) and paid to send their staff to Chicago to learn directly from the University of Chicago’s Network for College Success (NCS), which is the nation’s premier leader in Freshman Success programs. In the 2018-19 school year, Toya is expanding the CHSS network to as many as 30 high schools across the state and will begin facilitating a network for Freshman Success here in Oregon. Her vision is to replicate Chicago’s success all across Oregon.