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Gorge Towns to Trails: Making the Connection

Gorge Towns to Trails: Making the Connection

  • Tuesday
    February 13, 2018
    12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
  • The Sentinel
    614 SW 11th Ave, 3rd floor
    Portland, OR

Speaker: Renee Tkach

Learn about Gorge Towns to Trails, a vision for a destination trekking network encircling the Columbia Gorge, connecting communities, rural areas, and wilderness trails. Included in that vision is the creation of new trails beyond heavily impacted visitor areas and a car-free transportation system to Gorge trailheads.


Renee returned to Friends of the Columbia Gorge in 2011 as the project manager for Gorge Towns to Trails, a project that supports land protection, recreation enhancements and economic development. Renee originally was the organization's outdoor program coordinator, but left in 2010 to serve as development outreach director for Hells Canyon Preservation Council. Renee is also a founding member of Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance, Cape Horn Conservancy and serves on the board of Trailkeepers of Oregon. Her enthusiasm for the Gorge and the people who enjoy it is contagious. Renee is eager to share with the public the ways Friends is working to promote more hiking opportunities in the Gorge, and her passion for hiking and traveling.